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In Prolexplast, our core production capability is high-frequency welding of soft plastic film materials, coupled with printing, stamping, clips and other add-ons. Sample products are protective covers, plastic and self-adhesive folders, pockets, albums, clipboards, cat's-eyes, desk-mats and other similar products which are designed for long life cycle and custom-made to clients' orders. Products range from 0,1-3mm in thickness and up to A1 in size.

Our story


Prolexplast was established by four Finnish and Swedish stationery brands in 1993, to serve as their joint production facility in Estonia. Since 2016 we are owned privately and locally. Today, Prolexplast mainly serves the tailored production needs for stationery and design items in various industries. Our production is located in Estonia, and we deliver to customers throughout the European Union, from Finland to Spain.

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Managing Director: Birgit Tiisler +372 5651535

Sales:  Tuuli Unt +372 5023078


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Our Environmental Values and Policy Declaration


In Prolexplast, we too care for our planet Earth. As a manufacturer of plastic goods, we acknowledge our responsibility, and declare to follow values and policies that enable us to implement this care in action. Our core values are:


  • Simplicity and Practicality
  • Durability and Longevity
  • Harmony and Responsibility
  • Personal and Local


In Prolexplast, we like Simplicity and Practicality because we want to make things that satisfy needs, not wants. Therefore, our policy is to refrain from excessive marketing efforts. Because we believe that marketing creates new wants rather than satisfies real needs. And thus, it brings harm rather than good to society and environment. Our policy is also to accept back all the products of our making on our doorstep in the end of their life cycle. So, we can either repair and reuse, recycle, or dispose them with due care.


In Prolexplast, we like Durability and Longevity because we believe the environmental footprint of our products, first and foremost, depends on their life cycle. We like to make things that are used for long time, or that prolong the life of valuable items they are designed to cover or protect. Therefore, our policy is to refrain from making once-off disposable items whenever possible.


In Prolexplast, we like Harmony and Responsibility because we, and only we alone, are responsible for our products. Therefore, our policy is to follow the strongest European legal, ethical, and environmental standards in all our activities. We are proud of our craft, and we only sell what we make. Our policy is to self-assess ourselves continuously against such standards, and to refrain from using external certifying agencies. Because we don’t believe in bureaucracy. Like marketing, bureaucracy tends to bring more harm than good to environment.


In Prolexplast, we like to be Personal and Local because we cherish the community where we live. We do believe that business is personal, and we like to know all our suppliers, customers, and partners as directly as possible. Because only that way can we know if they follow the same values and standards that we do. Therefore, our policy is to source our materials and supplies from as close as possible, from partners that we know, and to always prefer European origin. We refrain from long anonymous supply chains whenever possible.